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Buying a Jacket

Buying a Jacket
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 1 to 3
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   3.59

     challenging words:    arms, mall, perfectly, refund, another, back, beautiful, breakfast, bright, cashier, check, color, corner, daughter, early, exchange
     content words:    Jacket City, Le Jaquette

Other Languages
     Spanish: Comprar una Chaqueta

Buying a Jacket
By Kathleen Redman

1     Emily needed a new jacket. It was getting cold, and her old jacket was too small. Her mother told her that they would go shopping on Saturday.
2     Bright and early Saturday morning, Emily's mother woke her up. They had breakfast and walked to the mall. They went into Jacket City first.
3     Emily found a blue jacket, but it was too small. Her mother found a red jacket, but Emily didn't like the color. They looked at some other jackets, but Emily didn't like any of them.
4     Emily's mother took her to another store, Le Jaquette, and they began looking again. Emily found a yellow and brown jacket that she liked. Her mother found a blue jacket that Emily liked, too.
5     Emily tried on both jackets, but neither one of them fit. One was too small, and one was too large. Emily put them back on the rack.
6     All of a sudden, Emily shouted, "Look, Mom!" She pointed at a girl wearing a blue jacket with white trim. "That's the kind of jacket I want!"
7     Emily's mother walked over to the girl. "Excuse me," she said. "My daughter wants a new jacket just like yours. Would you mind telling me where you bought it?"
8     "No, ma'am," the girl said. "I bought it at Paul's. The store is at the corner of the mall."
9     "Thank you," Emily's mother said.

Paragraphs 10 to 16:
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