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Working Together, Part 2


Working Together, Part 2
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 3 to 5
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   2.95

     challenging words:    evans, non-speaking, pointed, face, minutes, faster, order, speech, radio, remind, could, moment, sounds, toward, better, along
     content words:    Miss Connor, Miss Anderson

Working Together, Part 2
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     Zoe could see Miss Connor's face moving, so she must have spoken, but Zoe could not see her mouth. There was no way to tell what she said. Miss Connor gestured for her to go on. Zoe walked toward Miss Anderson. The other aide did not seem to want the box, so she laid it on the table near the radio.
2     Zoe could hear muffled sounds like music. She could also feel vibrations through the table. Was that from the sound, she wondered?
3     Miss Anderson touched Zoe's shoulders. She waited for the girl to look at her before she spoke slowly.
4     Zoe caught the words box and balls but did not know what to do about it. She stood thinking a moment when Miss Anderson directed her to go on.
5     Ian was next, followed by other girls and boys. No one seemed to understand what Miss Anderson said until Juan took his turn. He watched Miss Anderson's mouth, and then he picked up the box with the balls and handed them to Miss Connor.
6     The last part for just the non-speaking children was ready. Each of this group of children was wearing a cloth over their mouths to remind them not to speak.
7     "All right, boys and girls," said Mrs. Evans, "you will be given a message to give to Miss Anderson by Miss Connor. Since you may not speak, you must find another way to communicate."
8     Mrs. Evans sent Caden to Miss Connor first. She whispered something in his ear. He went to Miss Anderson. She was looking away. He pulled on her sleeve to make her look at him. Caden then pointed to a chair, then he pointed to Miss Anderson, and back at the chair. Miss Anderson went to the chair and sat down. Caden flashed a big smile over his success.

Paragraphs 9 to 21:
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