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Thanks and Cheer


Thanks and Cheer
Print Thanks and Cheer Reading Comprehension with Fifth Grade Work

Print Thanks and Cheer Reading Comprehension

Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   high interest, readability grade 5
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   4.1

     challenging words:    derogatory, espresso, house-that, matson, reading, heartily, especially, manageable, goal, definitely, early, valuable, allow, condition, such, year

Thanks and Cheer
By Beth Beutler

1     "This has been a rough year," Francine said to her friend Mary as they visited together at the coffee shop.
2     "I know it has," Mary said sympathetically. She took a sip of her caramel espresso and thought back to a few months ago when Mrs. Matson, their favorite teacher and their cheerleading coach, announced that she was retiring due to health reasons. The girls had hoped to have Mrs. Matson as their coach for their senior year of high school, especially since the squad had a goal of reaching the state finals in January.
3     "I really miss her," Francine said, reading the mind of her friend.
4     "I do, too," Mary said, "but I am glad that Mrs. Matson is finally feeling better."
5     "She always seems to have such a positive attitude," Francine added.
6     "That's for sure," Mary agreed. "Remember what she always told us?"
7     Francine grinned. "Yes. She told us not to give in to negativity."
8     Mary laughed. "I remember when our football team was playing lousy, and I yelled from the sidelines, 'keep playing like that if you want to lose!' Mrs. Matson gave me a look I will never forget! Then she reminded me not to be derogatory."
9     Francine laughed heartily. "You were so embarrassed to be called out. You were always the good girl on the squad."
10     "Yes, I was embarrassed. I wanted to please her. I have learned something valuable from Mrs. Matson."
11     "Let me guess," Francine said, "to be thankful in every situation?"

Paragraphs 12 to 26:
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