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Flag Day
The Flag in the Box

Flag Day
Flag Day

The Flag in the Box
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 5 to 6
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   4.57

     challenging words:    carving, military, coffin, contents, intricate, supervise, chain, whatever, honor, brass, better, enter, state, died, cigar, walnut

The Flag in the Box
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     "Dad, everyone is here to help with the move. Where do you want them to start?" asked Nathan as he entered the kitchen and saw his mom and dad putting dishes in a cardboard box.
2     "That's a good question. I guess they might as well start in the bedrooms. Let's get the beds loaded on the truck first and then all the other furniture from each bedroom. Can you supervise that part of the move, Nathan? I need to start bringing down the things that are left in the attic," said Dad.
3     "Sure, Dad, I can handle it," said Nathan. He was pleased that Dad trusted him to supervise.
4     The family had been planning this move for months, and now the day had arrived. Mr. Maxwell had been offered a better job in a different state. Now that Nathan was out of school for summer break, it was time to move to the new house.
5     Mom finally had the last of the kitchen cabinets emptied, and Nathan had seen to it that the contents of the bedrooms were all on the truck. The living room contents were all that was left, along with whatever Dad found in the attic. Nathan thought it would be a good time to check with Dad to see how much was left to load.
6     Nathan climbed the retractable steps that came down into the garage. Dad had almost everything out of the attic and stacked neatly in the garage. At the top of the steps, Nathan noticed a beam of sunlight illuminating a corner of the attic. In the beam of light, dust motes danced back and forth as they made their way to the floor. Dad sat on an overturned bucket in front of an old trunk; those were the only two items left in the attic.
7     "Dad, we just about have everything from the house loaded on the truck now. Can I help with anything up here?" Nathan asked as he finished climbing the last two steps and walked over to where his father sat.
8     Mr. Maxwell held a cigar box full of old black and white photographs in his lap. He leafed through a few of the pictures one by one. As he noticed his son enter the attic, he brushed a tear from his face and motioned for Nathan to come sit beside him.
9     "I bet you have never seen any of these pictures, have you? These are some old shots of your grandfather when he was in WWII. I think I only saw these once before. I had even forgotten that they were here," Dad said.

Paragraphs 10 to 17:
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Flag Day
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