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Peg Kehret

Peg Kehret
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     challenging words:    award-winning, ransom, epilogue, recovery, rheumatoid, passion, diagnosis, arthritis, fiction, syndrome, writing, series, successful, prisoner, marriage, best-selling
     content words:    Peg Kehret, Author Peg Kehret, Austin High School, Carl Kehret, Humane Society, Washington State, Bicycles Built, Wedding Vows, Winning Monologs, Young Actors

Peg Kehret
By Jamie Kee

1     Peg Kehret has been a children's author for more than thirty years. She has written stories and plays. Her passion is writing books for children. Kehret is well known for her fiction thrillers. She has also written several successful nonfiction books. Kehret had a serious, life threatening disease as a child, but she survived. She was given the opportunity to make a difference with her life. Kehret accomplished this through her writing.
2     Author Peg Kehret was born on November 11, 1936. She was born in LaCross, Wisconsin, but she grew up in Austin, Minnesota. Most of her childhood was very happy. She loved animals and writing. She wanted to be a veterinarian or a writer when she grew up. Peg's life suddenly changed when she was twelve years old. Peg was diagnosed with polio. She became paralyzed from her neck down and was hospitalized for nine months. The doctors said she would never walk again. Peg surprised everyone, however, when she made a full recovery. She was able to return to school and later graduated from Austin High School in 1954. Peg still remembers the many months when she was sick.
3     After Peg graduated from high school, she attended the University of Minnesota. She only attended for one year because she met the man who would become her husband. In 1955 Peg married Carl Kehret. They moved to California after two years of marriage. Kehret and her husband soon adopted two children, Bob and Anne. When her children were young, she went back to college. Raising young children and taking college classes was hard. She decided to leave college after one year. Kehret enjoyed many years as a busy mother and homemaker. She was also able to satisfy her love for animals by volunteering for the Humane Society. Kehret and her family moved to Washington State in 1970 when the children were older. She still lives in Washington today.

Paragraphs 4 to 9:
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