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Education in the Renaissance


Education in the Renaissance
Print Education in the Renaissance Reading Comprehension with Sixth Grade Work

Print Education in the Renaissance Reading Comprehension

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     challenging words:    masterwork, rhetoric, experimentation, apprenticeships, lasting, journeyman, astronomy, geometry, literature, nobility, liberal, theology, schooling, teaching, petty, newly
     content words:    In Renaissance Europe

Education in the Renaissance
By Sharon Fabian

1     The Renaissance was a time of learning, but it wasn't a time of schools as we know them today. Public schools for everyone were still a long way off. In Renaissance Europe, schooling was for those who could afford it. Some people were well educated, while others never attended school.
2     Education for Renaissance boys was of two sorts. There was classical education based on the Latin language for boys who planned to go on to a university. There was also education through apprenticeships for boys who planned to pursue a trade.
3     Girls received less education than boys during the Renaissance. Some girls did become well educated in the classics, and some also became apprentices. Many more were educated mainly in practical matters at home.
4     In England, boys who were being prepared for college began with petty school. This was the earliest school for very young boys, and it was often taught in the teacher's home. Soon, these boys progressed to grammar school, where they learned Latin vocabulary and grammar. Classics of Latin literature were used as the texts for their lessons.
5     In grammar school, the boys were taught by a Latin master. The master instructed the boys from his raised desk. The boys at their benches took notes with their quill pens, keeping a record of sayings and vocabulary words that might be useful later on.

Paragraphs 6 to 13:
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