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Canadian Theme Unit
The Cree

Canadian Theme Unit
Canadian Theme Unit

The Cree
Print The Cree Reading Comprehension with Sixth Grade Work

Print The Cree Reading Comprehension

Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 6 to 7
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   6.6

     challenging words:    re-shaped, embroidery, trapping, wage, further, enforcement, relationship, arrival, generation, spite, remedy, extremely, government, posts, caption, power
     content words:    Mähsette Kuiuab Chief, Karl Bodmer, First Nations, North America, James Bay, Bay Company, Plains Cree, Woodlands Cree, Most Cree

The Cree
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     Caption: M�hsette Kuiuab Chief of the Cree, 1840-1843 by Karl Bodmer
2     Canada has many First Nations tribes, but only one had the numbers and close relationship with European explorers. That one was the Cree.
3     When the French began trading and trapping in North America, they allied with many tribes including the Cree. The Cree enjoyed the rewards of trade more than most. First they helped move furs closer to French trading areas for the rewards of guns and powder.
4     When the English put their first trading post near James Bay, they also became allies of the Cree. With a source of weapons and powder closer to home, the Cree increased their own power in the area.
5     When the Hudson's Bay Company established trading posts in Canada's north by Hudson's Bay, they were out of Cree territory. To remedy the situation, the Cree allied themselves with the Assiniboine, whose territory they would have to cross.

Paragraphs 6 to 15:
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Canadian Theme Unit
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