A Surprise for Mom

Seven-year-old Bobby patted his red and blue comforter and arranged his teddy bears in a row. Ralph, the daddy bear, wore a green bow tie. Rita, the mommy bear, wore a green apron. Robby, the baby bear, wore a straw hat. The bears stared back at him with their brown button eyes as if they were waiting for instructions about what to do when Bobby was at school. They were very good bears and never caused Bobby any trouble when he was away.

"Now I want all of you to stay put until Mom finds you," explained Bobby solemnly. He looked at the bears with his own large brown eyes as if the bears had a choice about it.

The bears sat quietly. They did not have any plans to go anywhere that day. They did not say a word.

"I am glad you all agree," said Bobby.

Bobby ran down to eat breakfast. He had buttered toast topped with orange marmalade. He drank a cup of orange juice. He ate a sunny-side-up egg. Its round yellow yolk reminded Bobby of an eye peeking out at him from a white face. He liked orange and yellow food at breakfast! It made him feel happy.

"Mom, I made a surprise for you!" said Bobby.

"You did? Did you make it at school?" asked Mom.

"No," said Bobby with a smile.

"Did you make it with Dad in the garage?" asked Mom.

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