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Umbrella Day

Reading Comprehension for February 10

Umbrella Day. I have never heard of that. My teacher is always coming up with interesting things to celebrate. She says she finds these funny theme dates on the Internet. She gets stories for us from some website. They have stories, puzzles, and exercises that pertain to particular days. She uses it all the time!

She said that on February 10, we'd need to bring in umbrellas, even if it wasn't raining. I'm not sure I own one!

In our state, it does not rain very much. When it does rain, it is just a passing shower. Most of the time, I run from the car into the school building or shopping center. My parents and I never think to carry an umbrella. It seems like too much trouble. I suppose that's why many people around here don't seem to carry umbrellas.

It's extra trouble this time, because I looked around the house. Guess what? I don't have an umbrella. Now I have to go buy one just for a special day at school.

We went to the local superstore - you know, the ones that have groceries, clothes, things for the house, pet stuff - everything you need in one place. We looked around for a few minutes and finally found the umbrellas near the purses. I guess that is a logical place. Many women probably carry one in a purse or bag, although my mom doesn't, so maybe I'm wrong - but I'm getting off the subject.

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