Alex's Lemonade Stand

Many children have set up lemonade stands. They sell glasses of lemonade to people who pass by. They may hope to make enough money to buy a new toy. Maybe they just want to put the money in their piggy banks. Many times they drink more than they sell. One little girl had a bigger dream. She set up a lemonade stand. She sold to people who passed by. She wanted to raise money to help find a cure for cancer.

Alexandra Scott was born on January 18, 1996. She was the second of four children. Before Alex was one year old, her parents were told that she had cancer. When she was one year old, the doctors told her parents that she may not walk again. A few weeks later her parents asked her to kick her legs. She did. They knew that she was going to do amazing things.

Alex crawled when she was two. She wore leg braces. She was able to stand. Then she learned how to walk. She was doing things that the doctors said she would never do. Then her parents got the news that her cancer was spreading in her body. The day after Alex turned four years old, she had a stem cell transplant. Alex told her mom that when she got out of the hospital she wanted to set up a lemonade stand.

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