An Egg-cellent Lunch

"Daddy, I don't like this breakfast. It is looking at me!" said Scott.

Scott peered down at his plate. Two golden orbs floated like balls in a sea of egg white foam. Scott saw egg eyes looking up at him from his plate.

"I made these eggs especially for you. I tried not to break the yolks. I thought you would like them," said Dad mournfully. He was sad that Scott did not like this breakfast.

Poor Dad tried hard to cook a good breakfast when Mom had to go to work early. She had left at 6:00 A.M. this morning. Dad wore a silly apron. He had a spatula in his hand. He had made toast with butter and strawberry jam. He thought Scott would like eggs for breakfast. Their family had chickens, and the chickens had been busy. The family had lots of fresh eggs! Dad wanted to use up the fresh eggs.

"What if I scrambled the eggs?" asked Dad. "I can eat the other eggs. I will scramble some new eggs. Would you like to try that?"

"I don't know," said Scott. "I could try."

Dad went back to the stove. He picked up a smooth, round egg and smashed it against the edge of a bowl. Whoosh! The insides of the egg plopped into the bowl. Dad then grabbed a fork and beat the egg. Round and round went the slimy egg in the shiny metal bowl. He added a little bit of milk, and he beat the egg again. Then he poured the scrambled egg into the frying pan and cooked it for Scott. He sang a silly song while he cooked, and he had a terrible voice.

Soon piles of fluffy yellow eggs were on Scott's plate. Steam rose up from the eggs. Dad looked proud. He thought he was a great chef!

"Daddy, those eggs look a little slimy. I don't want to eat slimy things!" said Scott. "I will eat this toast. I need to catch the school bus now. Let's face it, Dad; I just don't like eggs, even if they do come from our own chickens."

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