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Memorial Day Worksheets

Memorial Day Worksheets
Memorial Day may be the unofficial start to summer, but this three-day weekend is about much more than just parties and parades. The holiday, which began as a day to honor soldiers who lost their lives in the civil war, became a national holiday in 1971. Now celebrated on the last Monday in May, Memorial Day gives us an opportunity to remember the many men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives while serving our country.

Memorial Day Workbook
Memorial Day Workbook      JK - Memorial Day Workbook

Kindergarten - Memorial Day Workbook

First Grade - Memorial Day Workbook     

Second Grade - Memorial Day Workbook     

Third Grade - Memorial Day Workbook

Fourth Grade - Memorial Day Workbook

Fifth Grade - Memorial Day Workbook

Sixth Grade - Memorial Day Workbook

Memorial Day Bulletin Board Posters
     Memorial Day Bulletin Board Posters     Memorial Day Posters

Memorial Day Activity Books
            Memorial Day
            Memorial Day 2

Spell Summer
            Memorial Day Weekend - Spell Summer

Short Reading Comprehensions
Short Readers
     The Last Monday in May (Short Reader; Grades 5-6 Readability)
     Whom Do You Honor on Memorial Day? (Short Reader; Grades 6-8 Readability)

Color by Numbers
            Fair Fun

Reading Comprehensions
Wendy's World- Memorial Day (Grades 2-3)
     Ana Rosa's First Memorial Day (Grades 3-4)
     Operation Lonely Soldier (Grades 4-6)
     Memorial Flags, Part 1 (Grades 4-6)
     Memorial Flags, Part 2 (Grades 4-6)
     Grandma's Family Tradition (Grades 5-6)
     Memorial Day (Grades 7-8)
     Remembering the Cost (Grades 7-8)
     A Most Memorable Memorial Day (Hi/Lo Grades 2-3)

     El Mundo de Wendy- Día de Conmemoración de los Caídos (grades 2-3)
     La Tradición de la Familia de Abuela (grades 5-6)
     Día de los Caídos (grades 7-8)

     la tradition familiale de grand-mère (grades 5-6)

     La tradizione di famiglia della nonna (grades 5-6)

     Omas Familientradition (grades 5-6)

Finish the Story
     A Memorable Weekend is Coming (Grades 4-6)
     A Decoration Day Dilemma (Grades 4-7)

Make a Daily Memorial Day Activity Lesson Plan Book
        Daily Memorial Day Activity Lesson Plan Book

Leveled Books
            A Brief History of Memorial Day
             Memorial Day History Read and Color (PDF file)
             Memorial Day (PDF file)
            The Symbols of Our Country

Bulletin Board
            "Flag Facts" Bulletin Board
            Memorial Day Bulletin Board
            Assorted Soldier Pictures

        Soldiers Glyph

            A Day to Remember (Grades 3-4)
            Memorial Day (Grades 6-8)

Memorial Day Dot to Dots
            Challenging Dot to Dot with Number Pattern for Memorial Day
            Challenging Dot to Dot with Number Pattern for Memorial Day: Solution

Book Units
    Memorial Day (Grades 1-3)
    Park's Quest (Grades 5-8)

Replying to Letters

Compare and Contrast
        Holiday Traits: Compares two popular holidays (Grades 3-4)

Holiday Traits: Compare and contrast Mother's Day and Memorial Day. (Grades 3-4)

American Holiday Traits: Compare and contrast two American holidays: Flag Day and Memorial Day. (Grades 1-2)

Ponder the Picture Comprehension Puzzle
            Ponder the Picture: Memorial Day

     American Revolution Theme Unit
     War of 1812 Theme Unit
     The Civil War Theme Unit
     World War I Theme Unit
     World War II Theme Unit
     Cold War Theme Unit
     Korean War
     United States History Theme Units

Memorial Day Review Quizzes (combines vocabulary with quiz questions and writing prompts)
     Memorial Day Review Quiz (Grades 4-5)
     Memorial Day Review Quiz (Grades 6-7)

             Memorial Day Analogies

Analogies in Foreign Languages
     French analogies
     Spanish analogies
     Italian analogies
     German analogies

Memorial Day Story Starters and Borders
(for subscribers)
Memorial Day borders with Memorial Day story starters

Memorial Day Word Builder Puzzles
     Build Words from Memorial Day Words
     Build Words from Memorial Day Words (includes Word Search)

Memorial Day
Weary teacher, we know you can almost taste the ice-cold lemonade and feel the splash of summer's first swim as you sit poolside for hours on end. Don't worry; Memorial Day is right around the corner and that means summer break cannot be far behind. While this holiday tends to signal the unofficial start to your favorite season, it is much more meaningful than that.

Memorial Day first began as Decoration Day. It was originally designed as a day to lay wreaths and flags on the graves of fallen soldiers from the Civil War. After World War I, the day expanded to honor all the men and women who have given their lives in service to our country. Recognized as a national holiday in 1971, the last Monday in May has been a day of remembrance ever since.

As you help your students prepare for Memorial Day, consider honoring those among us who are still serving, in memory of those who have given their lives for our country. Try connecting with a local military base and have your students write letters to be sent to servicemen and women overseas. Why not have them create patriotic artwork that could be used to decorate a local Veterans Hospital? If your students are in the mood to serve, perhaps the group could collect hygiene items and donate them to a Veteran's resource center. There are endless things that can be done to make the most of this meaningful holiday. Take advantage of them and help your students learn about the ultimate sacrifice so many have made.

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