Ann and Kirsten Start an Anti-Bullying Club

Kirsten and Ann are good friends. They got to know each other better after Ann was bullied one day in the cafeteria. They have some classes together at school, and in their spare time, they talk and eat cookies.

Ann has red hair, pale skin, and freckles scattered over her upturned nose. Kirsten has sleek, dark hair cut to chin length. Her best feature is her almond-shaped, brown eyes. Kirsten is a good listener, and that is one reason she was helpful to Ann after the cafeteria bully teased Ann about her freckles.

One warm spring day, the two friends were sitting in Ann's kitchen eating oatmeal raisin cookies and drinking tall glasses of cold milk. Cookies and milk were their favorite snack. These cookies, however, were so large that they had to be broken in half in order to dunk them into the glasses of milk. Cookie crumb casualties were scattered across the kitchen table as a result! Hotdog, the family dachshund, eagerly vacuumed crumbs off the floor with her pink tongue.

"I was thinking how much our talk about bullies helped me," said Ann. "I have shared some of our ideas with other friends at school."

"Me, too," said Kirsten. "I didn't know it before, but it seems like most kids run into a bully sometimes."

"I wish there was a way to tell more kids about how to handle bullies. I think it might help. I talked to one overweight girl who started to cry because people teased her about her size. It was really sad," said Ann as she broke a raisin-studded cookie in half and dunked it into her milk.

"What about a club? We could ask Ms. Sweet, the orchestra teacher, to help us. We could talk to the kids about ideas. Other people who have been bullied could talk about it, which might help them. We could even serve homemade cookies!" said Kirsten.

"What a cool idea! How do we form a club? Can we really do that?" asked Ann.

"I think we need a sponsor, and we'd have to fill out a form in the school office. I can look into it tomorrow," said Kirsten.

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