Anna's Sister Problem

Sister's Day

Reading Comprehension for August 4

"Mom!" Anna's voice was whiny as she stomped into the kitchen. "Magdalla says the only thing I am good for is being a pain."

Mom sighed as she lifted a baking dish from the cabinet and put it on the countertop.

"Did she give you any reasons why she thought it was true?" asked Mom.

"No," said Anna, then she paused. "Well, no good ones."

"What did she say?" asked Mom patiently.

"She said I am always bugging her when she's trying to do something. I'm always playing her games on the computer, and she has to clean up my messes."

"I seem to remember you doing those things once or twice," said Mom.

"But I don't do it all the time," said Anna with a frown. "She said I do it all the time."

"I'm sure it seems like it to her. Perhaps you could do something to change that."

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