Anne's Quick Escape

In 1942, Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl. She and her family were living in Amsterdam. They had moved there from Germany. They were trying to escape Hitler and his terrible regime. Hitler hated Jewish people. He made them follow strict rules. All Jews that were older than six had to wear a big yellow star. This let everyone in the city know who was Jewish and who was not. Non-Jewish people were not allowed to help Jews. If they did, they could get in a lot of trouble. Hitler's soldiers would also seize Jewish people. The soldiers would send them to prison camps.

On July 5, 1942, Anne's sister Margot received a letter in the mail. It told her that she must move back to Germany and begin working. Anne's family would not let her go! They knew that many of the young Jews that were sent back to Germany were killed. The family needed to move somewhere safe. They had to leave their home quickly. Thankfully, Anne's father, Otto, had prepared a safe hiding place for his family and some close friends. He had turned part of his office building into a secret apartment. The Franks would move there the next day.

Anne didn't have much time to pack. She also didn't have a lot of space. She shoved her hair curlers, a comb, some schoolbooks, and old letters into a satchel. Though she didn't have much room in her small bag, she also packed her diary. She knew she couldn't leave that behind.

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