Answering the Phone

CJ was in the kitchen helping herself to a chocolate chip cookie when the phone rang. Her mother had gone to pay a bill. Her brother was at a friend's house. She could have let the answering machine pick up, but CJ decided to answer the phone herself. She picked up the receiver.

"Yeah, hello?" CJ bit into her cookie and chewed.

"Hello, is Bonnie Torwald there?"

"Who wants to know?" CJ's mouth was full of cookie. She sprayed the phone with crumbs as she spoke.

"I'm Mrs. Carroll. Is this Ms. Torwald?"

CJ snorted. "Do I sound like Ms. Torwald?"

There was a pause. "Is this the Torwald residence?"

"Yeah, but my mom isn't here right now. Sorry." CJ wandered into the kitchen to get some milk. Maybe she would also get another cookie!

"Would you tell her I called, please?"

"Sure, yeah, I can do that," CJ said absently as she tried to pour milk with one hand.

The woman recited her phone number while CJ rolled her eyes. What was she, a secretary? But she agreed to give her mother the message and hung up.

Mrs. Torwald hurried into the house a few minutes later.

"Hey, Mom, you had a phone call!" CJ said as she wiped the crumbs from her face.

"Oh? Who was it?"

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