Arthur Fiedler

Arthur Fiedler

Reading Comprehension for December 17

What would you say if someone asked you to go to a symphony orchestra concert? Unfortunately, many young people would say they didn't want to go. Arthur Fiedler was a man who wanted to change that. He wanted everyone to enjoy listening to a symphony orchestra.

Arthur was born on December 17, 1894, in Boston, Massachusetts. His home was filled with music as he grew up. His father was a violinist with the Boston Symphony. His mother was a talented pianist. She taught Arthur how to play. Arthur was like a lot of young people. He wanted to be outside playing instead of practicing. He started school in Boston. Arthur's father retired from the orchestra and the family moved to his father's homeland, Austria.

While in Austria, Arthur grew to be a young man. He now liked the music he had learned to play. He got jobs in publishing houses to earn enough money for music school. He entered the Royal Academy in Berlin, Germany. He studied the violin, piano, and conducting.

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