Baking Cookies Builds Character

"Let's make some Christmas cookies," suggested Ruth. "It's fun to bake cookies, and even more fun when we get to eat them."

"That's a good idea. You can learn a lot from baking cookies," said Mom.

"Like what?" asked Mary.

"Well, to start with we can learn cooperation," answered Mom.

"What is" asked Sam.

"Cooperation is working together. We cooperate when you get the bowl and I get the flour. It's when you put in the eggs and I stir," said Mom.

Mary, Sam, and Ruth put on their aprons. They gathered all the ingredients to make the cookies. They took turns adding the ingredients. They took turns stirring the dough.

Ruth put the cookie dough on the counter. Mary rolled the dough into a thin sheet. They took turns using the cookie cutters. Mary cut out stars. Ruth cut out snowmen. Sam cut out Christmas trees. Then they placed the cookies on a baking tray.

"Now we will learn about patience," said Mom.

"What is patience?" asked Ruth.

"Patience is waiting for the cookies to bake without complaining," said Mom.

Mom helped the children put the cookies in the oven. The three children waited patiently for the first batch of cookies to bake.

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