Being the Difference

Tyler Page was just ten years old when he decided to make a big difference in the life of another child. Tyler was watching a popular talk show. The show was about children in Ghana, Africa. Tyler learned that children there were being sold by their own parents. Once the children were bought, they were not treated nicely. They were made to do hard labor. They were not able to have fun. They could only work. The buying and selling of children is called child trafficking.

Tyler put himself into the shoes of the children in Ghana. He could not imagine living that kind of life. He knew that he had to help them. Tyler's school had a program called Positive Action. It is a character education program. It helps teach kids about the importance of being kind and helping others. Positive Action encourages kids to work on projects that benefit their communities. Tyler decided to use what he had learned in school to help someone far away.

Tyler learned that for just twenty dollars a month he could keep one child from being sold. Tyler set a goal to raise two hundred forty dollars. That would keep one child safe for a year. Tyler held a car wash to raise money. The car wash was fun and easy. Tyler set a new goal. His new goal was to raise fifty thousand dollars. In just seventeen months, Tyler met his goal.

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