Bold and Tasty

Marcie walked into the kitchen and saw her roommate, Tammy, stirring a pot.

"Mmm, that smells good!" Marcie said. "What are you making?"

"It's a new sauce for pasta," Tammy said. "You are going to be my taste tester."

Marcie didn't mind that. Tammy currently attended culinary school and was always trying out recipes on Marcie. Most of the time, they were very tasty. The few times they weren't, Marcie kept her opinion to herself.

Tammy went on. "This week, we are experimenting with bold flavors. Our teacher says that November 8th is Cook Something Bold Day, so we are preparing a class dinner with strong flavors."

"Thanks for the warning," Marcie said. She wasn't quite as excited now that she knew the flavor might be strong. She tended to like milder flavoring but was willing to try most things.

"Can I help?" Marcie asked.

"If you would just set the table, I think we are about ready," Tammy said.

Marcie got out the red plates in honor of the bold meal. She poured ginger ale into shiny glasses that she retrieved from the dishwasher.

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