Botswana Independence Day

Botswana Independence Day

Reading Comprehension for September 30

Have you ever heard the phrase "the lesser of two evils"? Usually people say something is a choice between "the lesser of two evils." What do you think it means? Imagine if you had to spend a day with someone you knew, but the only people who had the time were two people you didn't like. How would you choose? You'd probably choose the person who wasn't as bad as the other, right? That's called choosing "the lesser of two evils." Well, the people of the African nation of Botswana once had to make such a choice.

About 2,000 years ago, many people called the Bantu lived in modern-day Botswana. One of these groups of Bantu was called the Tswana. These Bantu tribes lived peacefully - mostly - with each other. When a tribe couldn't live peaceably with its neighbors, it just moved. The Tswana lived like this until the 19th century.

It was then that the Tswana began to run out of room, and some new neighbors arrived. Europeans had arrived in the southern end of Africa and were making their way north into Tswana land. The Tswana regrouped and developed a strong, centralized society called Botswana.

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