Sandro Botticelli painted pictures of the Madonna and Child. These pictures of the baby Jesus and his mother, Mary, were favorite subjects for painters in the Renaissance. Many of their paintings were commissioned for churches. Pictures of Jesus and Mary, as well as other saints and angels, were painted many, many times.

Botticelli's paintings of the Madonna and Child show off some of the best qualities of his work. He painted many variations of this one theme. They include Madonna, Madonna and Child, Madonna of the Pomegranate, Magnificat Madonna, Madonna of the Rosegarden, Madonna of the Book, Madonna of the Sea, and Madonna and Child with an Angel.

Botticelli had learned the techniques of paintings from his mentor, Fra Filippo Lippi. In his mentor's studio, he learned about the painting styles of the time. These included panel painting and fresco. He developed a preference for certain colors and color combinations and a graceful way of painting the flowing drapery of people's clothing.

On his own, Botticelli added to what he had learned as an apprentice. His own style gave his subjects a look that was both natural and beautiful. He painted young women and babies with an especially beautiful and serene look about them.

In Madonna of the Book, the mother and baby sit peacefully at a table in front of an open book. The baby is turned around looking up at his mother's face. Details in the painting such as the transparent veils and halos give the picture a delicate feeling.

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