Buddy Bear

Teddy loved his job. He was so grateful to have been adopted. You see, he had lived a long life in the home of the Walkers, who had five children. For many years he was cuddled, played with, slept with, and loved until the stuffing nearly burst from him. But sadly, a few months ago, the Walkers decided to offer him to someone else at their yard sale. You see, all their kids were now in college, and no one cared about Teddy anymore. How well he remembered the invisible tears that fell from his eyes as he sat on the table, waiting to be bought.

Thankfully, a kind and thoughtful lady named Ann had noticed him.

"He'd be perfect!" she said.

She walked over to the table and gently picked Teddy up. She turned him around and around in her hands and said, "It will take just a little fixing, cleaning, and freshening, but he will do just fine."

Teddy didn't know what this lady meant, but he liked how she held him. He thought perhaps he'd be loved again!

Ann carried Teddy over to Mrs. Walker and paid $2 for him. She placed him in her sedan and headed for home. Teddy liked the smooth ride and was excited, wondering what his life would be like now.

Before long, the car stopped, and Ann had gently reached into the back seat for Teddy and the other items she'd purchased. She brought him and the items into the house, depositing him on the table in the hallway.

Teddy sat there for a while, watching Ann unpack the other items. Then she came back to him, lifted him up, and said, "It's time for a spa treatment!"

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