Cats and Dogs

We have all heard the saying "fighting like cats and dogs." Is it impossible for cats and dogs to live together? Pet owners who already have a cat and want to get a dog, or the other way around, may wonder if this is true. Can you safely bring a new pet into your house and keep everyone happy?

It is true that some cats and dogs don't get along. It is the same as people. Some people can live together happily. Others would drive each other crazy.

Animals need to take time to get used to each other. There are some things you can do to help. When you aren't home, don't leave the animals together. Shut one into a room with food and water or place one of them in a crate. Remember that cats are great climbers and can get into places you don't think that they can. When the animals are first brought into the same house, it is important to keep them apart when no one is home.

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