Checking Accounts

Did you ever wonder how checking accounts work? Some kids think that their parents can "just write a check" to pay for anything they want. But people can't just write an unlimited amount of checks. They must have money in the bank for at least the amount of the checks they write.

Checks are a way to spend money without using cash. A check is a promise to pay a person or a business. When you pay someone with a check, the exact amount of money you write on the check will be taken out of your account. The money will be paid to the payee-the person or business whose name you write on the check.

With a checking account, your money remains in a safe place, and it is easy to get when you need it. A checking account also helps you keep track of the money you spend and of how much you have left.

People use checks more often than cash. It's easier to carry a checkbook than a lot of cash. It's safer, too. It is much safer to send a check through the mail than to send cash.

A check is only supposed to be cashed by the person or business whose name is written on it.

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