Checking Out

After you have finished shopping, you need to check out with your groceries. This means you have to take the groceries to a register. While there, a cashier will scan your items. You then have to pay for them.

There will be many aisles at the front of the store. Some of these aisles will be for people that haven't bought a lot of items. These aisles will say something like "ten items or less." The number may be different. It will usually be a low number.

Check the items in your cart. If you have that number of items or less, you can use that aisle. If you are one or two items over, you can also use that aisle. If you have a lot of items, you will have to use a different aisle.

When you get to the check out aisle, there may be a person in front of you. If there is, you will have to separate your groceries. Most aisles have a plastic bar that can be placed between the groceries.

You will then have to put the groceries on a belt. This belt moves the items toward a cashier. The cashier takes the items off at the other end. She then scans them. As she takes the items off, the belt will move. There will then be more room for you to put items on the belt.

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