Cherry Blossom Desserts

The sun streamed like a river of honey into Martha's kitchen. She always loved starting the day with a bright kitchen. She glanced out the window and noticed Ephraim's tractor pulling away into the field. Her husband worked so hard to farm their land. He was a proud man, carrying on a tradition of farming that started with his great-great grandfather.

Martha sighed. As hard as Ephraim worked, it was always a struggle to make ends meet. That is why Martha tried to help in any way that she could.

One contribution, in addition to keeping up with the home, children, and meals, was Martha's new little business. She called it Cherry Blossom Desserts.

For years, Martha had been known as the best baker of cherry pies in town. People also loved her cherry tarts and cherry cobblers. It had gotten to the point that whenever someone wanted a special dessert, that person would ask Martha for her recipe or even ask her to bake the item. So she talked to Mr. Martin, the proprietor of the general store. They made an agreement to carry her cherry desserts and also take special orders for them. Mr. Martin would make a small commission from every order. It was a good arrangement for both of them.

The only challenge that Martha faced was when large orders came in. There was a restaurant in the nearest town that tried some of Martha's desserts. They were so popular that the restaurant started placing orders for ten desserts a week!

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