Chicken and Eggs

Mom laid out a platter of chicken fingers on the table, along with honey mustard dipping sauce and ketchup.

"Yum!" said Tomi. "I love chicken fingers!"

Tomi's sister, Lynn, was not so excited. To her, it seemed like they ate chicken nearly every day. Fried chicken. Baked chicken. Chicken strips. Chicken salad. How many ways can chicken be eaten? She got a little tired of it. She sighed while putting some chicken fingers on her plate.

Then Mom spoke. It was almost as if she heard Lynn's thoughts. "We eat chicken a lot, don't we?" she asked.

Tomi and Lynn nodded.

"Did you know that chicken is a very popular food worldwide? Not only is chicken eaten by millions of people, the eggs they produce are used daily. You might say they are used "eggstensively."

Tomi and Lynn groaned at the joke.

"How many ways do you think eggs are used?" Mom asked.

Tomi dipped another chicken finger into the honey mustard sauce. "People eat them scrambled, fried, and over easy," she said.

"That's right," Mom answered.

Lynn added, "They are mixed in baked goods like cakes and cookies, too, right?"

"That's right!" Mom said. "They are sometimes added to other things like mayonnaise. They could possibly be in your honey mustard sauce, depending on whether mayonnaise is used in that recipe."

"Wow," Tomi said. "I guess chickens and eggs are really versatile! I wonder how many eggs each chicken produces in a day."

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