Christmas in Australia, Part 1

"That's a lake?" asked Jeff as his family got out of the car.

Aunt Jess nodded. "It's a saltwater lake. It's twice as big as Sydney Harbor."

"We were there and saw the Opera House," said Nina as she pulled on her mother's arm.

"We did," said her mom. "This whole visit to Australia has been exciting."

"Bob and I are thrilled to have you all here for Christmas," said Aunt Jess. "It's such a treat to have family here from America, even though all of this heat doesn't make it seem very Christmassy to you."

The whole family walked toward the jetty that jutted out into the lake. Crowds of parents and children in t-shirts and shorts gathered near the shore.

Jeff and Nina followed their parents, unsure of what to expect. Uncle Bob and Aunt Jess seemed really nice. They lived near Sydney and had planned this Christmas Eve trip to Lake Macquarie.

"Santa Claus sails around the lake on an old show boat, the...." Aunt Jess stopped and tapped her forehead.

"It's the Wangi Queen," offered Uncle Bob.

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