Circles, Squares, and Lines

Caption: "Red Oval" by Wassily Kandinsky, 1920.

It is Tuesday. Mrs. Reed's class is in art class. Mrs. Smith is the art teacher. She says that today we are going to be creating art. We will use shapes. We will use bright colors. She said our art will be abstract. Abstract means that it will not look like everyday objects. It can look like whatever the artist believes it is.

Wassily Kandinsky was an abstract artist. He was born on December 16, 1866. He was born in Moscow. Moscow is a city in Russia. Experts say that as a child he liked colors.

Kandinsky went to the University of Moscow. He did not study art. He studied law. He was asked to be a teacher at the university. He wanted to go to art school. At first he was not accepted. Eventually he was. He started when he was thirty years old. He was older than the other students.

At first, he painted towns. He painted things in nature. His paintings were of real objects. His ideas came from real places. He traveled across Europe.

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