Grocery shopping is getting more expensive every day. As gas prices go up, so does the price of food. People who shop for food have to find more ways to save money. One way to save money on groceries is to use coupons.

One of the best places to find coupons for different things is in a Sunday paper. Inside the paper are inserts that are filled with coupons.

Don't cut out every coupon that is in the paper. Usually, there are a few coupons that you will use. These are the ones that you should cut out and save. Don't cut out a coupon for frozen chicken if you don't like to eat it.

After you are done with the inserts, you can share the coupons with friends and family. They may use an item that you don't like. You can take the insert to work and pass it around. Others may do the same, and you will find more coupons that you can use.

There are some rules that you need to follow in order to use coupons. First, you have to buy the item if you want to use the coupon. You can't buy an item that is close to the one the coupon is for. The item you buy and the coupon must match.

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