Dairy Foods on My Plate

Carla is a smart girl. She reads very well. She can solve tough math problems. She can fix her mom's computer. Carla has a problem, though. She is lazy about homework. She doesn't like doing homework. Her parents have to keep reminding her to get it done.

One day Carla's parents made a deal with her. If she did her homework every day that week without having to be reminded, she could go to the ice cream store on Saturday. Carla loved the deal. She worked hard to go to the ice cream store.

Ice cream is Carla's favorite treat. There are so many flavors she likes. She likes peach ice cream best. She also really likes raspberry ice cream. There are a lot of treats to put on top of ice cream, too. Sometimes Carla adds cherries. Sometimes she adds banana slices. Nuts are good, too. Carla thinks ice cream is the perfect dessert.

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