Danny, Betsy, and Turkeys 4 America

Grown-ups are the only people who can make a difference in our world. There are many kids who say that is not true. Danny and Betsy Nally are a brother and sister team who has been making a difference since 1996. They saw a need in their community and did something about it. Today their efforts have stretched all over the United States.

In 1996, Danny Nally was nine years old. His sister Betsy was six. They were watching the local news. A reporter was sharing a story about the local food bank. The story was about feeding hungry people at Thanksgiving. Danny and Betsy learned that the food bank did not have enough turkeys to feed the people in need.

Danny and Betsy thought that it was wrong that so many people would be without Thanksgiving dinner. Their parents encouraged them to do something to help. The brother and sister team got their neighborhood involved. They put fliers in mailboxes. They told people at their schools. In 1996, Danny and Betsy collected thirty-six turkeys. They delivered them to the Greater Boston Food Bank.

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