Darin Couldn't Be Here

Hi, everyone! My name is Steve Lambert. I know you were expecting Darin Cole to be here today. He was going to tell you about sickle cell anemia. Unfortunately, Darin couldn't be here today. He is not feeling well, so I came to your class in his place. I would like to tell you about him. I hope you will learn something about sickle cell anemia by hearing his story.

My friend Darin is a great guy. He and I have been friends ever since we were in elementary school. We do lots of things together. We go to the same high school, and we don't live far from each other. Last summer, we even went on vacation together to the beach.

Darin seems pretty healthy. We play basketball when we hang out, but sometimes he says he feels really lousy. He has aches and pains all over his body. Sometimes they're so bad he has to stay home from school. A few times, he's had to go to the doctor because of the pain. Once I asked him why he felt so bad sometimes.

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