Death of a Pet

No matter what kind of cat or dog you have, it isn't going to live forever. The sad fact of pets is that many of them live much shorter lives than we do. When a person that we love dies, we are expected to grieve. This isn't always true when a pet dies. Many people don't understand when someone grieves for a pet.

It is okay to grieve for a pet. Most owners think of a pet as a part of their family. Pets give unconditional love when they live with you. It is okay to grieve for the loss of a pet that you loved.

Grief is different for every person. One person may grieve for a month, and others may grieve for years. Some people go through denial until they are ready to deal with what they have lost. Some people become angry at what has happened. Others may feel guilty about what they did or didn't do. The important thing to remember is that grief is different for everyone.

You do not need to deal with the death of your pet alone. There are groups out there for people who are feeling just like you are. If you feel you need someone to talk to, your vet may know some groups that you can contact. You can also search for groups on the Internet.

Give yourself permission to feel sad. You have lost something that is very important to you. It is all right to feel sad about that. Write about how you feel in a journal. Don't be afraid to talk to people who are ready to listen. All of these things can help you to feel better.

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