Dicey Langston, Teen Hero of the Revolutionary War

Dicey Langston was born in Laurens District, South Carolina, on May 14, 1766. During the Revolutionary War, Dicey's neighbors and relatives were divided. Some were Patriots. Some were Tories who remained loyal to England.

Dicey's older brother James was a Patriot. He belonged to a militia group. The group was hiding in a settlement about ten miles from Dicey's home. In the summer of 1781, Dicey was only fifteen. She heard some of the Tories talking about a raid on James's settlement. The Bloody Scouts were a cruel band of Tories who planned to attack James and the other Patriots at dawn. Dicey knew that she must warn James. She traveled on foot, crossing the chest-deep Tyger River at night. She risked her life to save others.

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