Do Not Pass Go

Do Not Pass Go

Reading Comprehension for December 18

I want to be the shoe. I want to be the dog. I want to be the hat. When would these things be heard? When setting up Monopoly®. Monopoly is said to be the best-selling board game in the world.

Monopoly is a game for 2 to 8 players. It is for ages 8 years and older. It takes about 10 minutes to set up. Monopoly is a game that can be played for hours. Play money is used. The game pieces are shaped like everyday things. There are dice. There are cards. There are also small plastic houses and hotels.

There is a game board. It has 40 squares. Four of them are "Railroads." There is a "Jail." The middle of the board is called "Free Parking." The spaces are named for real places. These places can be found in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Each space is called a property. Each space has a price. The player can decide if he wants to buy it with play money. When a player buys a property, he then owns it. If another player lands on that property, he or she pays the owner.

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