Don't Dessert Me!

Carmen had an incredible sweet tooth. She loved cake and cookies. She loved ice cream and candy. If her mother made a dessert, the lively eight-year-old usually picked at her meal, and this had become a bit of a problem. Carmen usually asked for second helpings, and if her parents gave in, Carmen became as explosively bubbly as a shaken up bottle of pop! Her parents were also worried about her teeth and that she might get cavities if she ate too many sweets.

Grandma lived with Carmen's family, and she also was concerned about Carmen's sweet tooth. Grandma was tiny and spirited with snappy brown eyes and curly white hair. She had a collection of recipes for every holiday, and she loved to bake. When she didn't have time to bake, she often dished out mountains of ice cream covered with muddy rivers of chocolate or caramel syrup. This was one reason that Carmen loved Grandma so much.

Grandma knew that Carmen liked desserts, but she also knew that too many desserts would not be good for her granddaughter. When she found out that October was Dessert Month, she had an idea. She talked about her plan with Carmen's parents. They chuckled and agreed that Grandma's idea might help solve the sweet tooth dilemma.

"I have learned that October is National Dessert Month," said Grandma with a twinkle in her eye. "I have decided to celebrate this sweet tooth celebration by making you a dessert every single day."

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