Don't Put It Off!

Procrastination Day

Reading Comprehension for September 6

Since it was near the beginning of the school year, our teacher, Mrs. Carmichael, decided to have us celebrate "Do it! Fight Procrastination Day." It fell on September 3rd.

"Class, can anyone explain what procrastination is?"

"It's when you choose to do something fun instead of something necessary," said Wayne.

"Good, Wayne. You are on the right track. Anyone else?"

"It's when you have a habit of putting off doing a task," Marla answered.

"That's right," Mrs. Carmichael responded. "Does procrastination feel good?"

"Sure," Blake offered. "Then you get to do only the fun stuff!" The class chuckled.

Mrs. Carmichael smiled. "Okay, let's say that is true. What happens when what you have neglected comes due?"

"Like a school paper?" Susan asked.

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