Dots and Dashes

Kerri was a very curious girl. She liked knowing how things worked. Sometimes she read about how things worked. Sometimes she watched programs on television to find out how something worked. And, once in a while, she just took something apart and found out how it worked by herself!

Kerri's father and mother gave her a cell phone for her birthday. She really liked using her cell phone. She liked to send text messages. She liked talking to friends and family who were far away.

After Kerri had used her cell phone for a few weeks, she became curious. She wanted to know how her cell phone worked. She asked her father.

"Dad, how does my cell phone work?"

"I know it has something to do with radio waves. I am afraid I do not know more than that. But do not take it apart! Why don't you ask your science teacher?" he said.

The next day Kerri asked her science teacher. He told her that her phone used radio waves. Her father was right! Mr. Gaines, her science teacher, told her that radio waves have been used for over one hundred years.

Kerri asked Mr. Gaines what people used to communicate before there were cell phones.

"Long ago the telegraph was the fastest way to communicate."

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