Electrical Circuits

You have already learned about electricity. You know that electricity is a stream of electrons moving from atom to atom. Electrons have a negative charge. They move toward atoms with a positive charge. When electrons move, electricity is made.

Electrons cannot jump across a distance. There must be a path for electrons to follow. The path must be a series of atoms that can accept an electron. We call this path a circuit. People have learned how to build and manipulate circuits to move electricity. We use circuits to bring electricity into our homes. We use circuits to move electricity through our computers, telephones, toys, and even our cars.

Every time you flip a light switch in your house, you are using a circuit. The light bulb glows when electrons are flowing through it. The light bulb only glows when the switch is on. This is because the circuit is complete when the switch is on. Wiring in your house forms a path for electricity to flow. The wires are attached to the light bulb. The wires are also connected to the switch on the wall. When the switch is turned off .....

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