Emergency? Call 911!

By now, you know how to dial 911. You know that is the number to call if you need help in an emergency. But what is an emergency? Do you know WHEN to call 911? There are several times when it is very important. You may even save someone's life.

Ann came upon a car crash. The man behind the wheel was bleeding heavily. He had a deep cut in his neck. Ann called 911. She got help for the man. If someone is losing a lot of blood, you should call 911.

Joe and his dad were eating dinner. Suddenly, Joe's dad began to choke. He couldn't talk, and his face was turning blue. He fell to the floor. Joe didn't know how to help his dad. He dialed 911. If you don't know how to do abdominal thrusts, or if you can't get your arms around someone who is truly choking, you should call 911.

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