Flamingos are large pink-colored wading birds. Some may be five feet tall! They have very long thin necks. They have very long thin legs, too. They look as if they are walking on stilts. Their feet are webbed like a duck's feet. Flamingos can swim, and they can fly.

Flamingos are birds that live in the warm parts of the world. Some live in Florida in the United States. There are six different kinds of flamingos in the world. They live near salty lakes and rivers.

Flamingos are funny birds to watch. When a flamingo sleeps, it often stands on one leg. It tucks the other leg up under its wing. They often twist their necks around so they can lay their heads on their backs. Another funny thing about flamingos is their knees. Unlike our knees, flamingos' knees bend backwards.

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