Food Is Not Green

"Jeannie! Johnnie!" Mrs. Clark called. "It's time for lunch."

The twins came running into the dining room. "What's for lunch?" they asked.

"We're having split pea soup and salad today," Mrs. Clark answered. "Go wash your hands, and I'll put your soup in your bowls."

The twins washed their hands and sat down at the table.

Johnnie liked all kinds of vegetables. "Oh, Mom," he said. "The soup looks great!"

Jeannie only liked carrots and yellow squash. "Food is not green," she said. "The soup is green." She put down her spoon. "There is green stuff in the salad. Food is not green. Green stuff is for rabbits." She crossed her arms and would not eat.

. . . . .

"You know that is not true," a soft voice said.

Jeannie looked at the empty chair beside her mother. Her white stuffed rabbit was sitting in it! Now, that is silly, Jeannie thought. Rabbits can't talk. What was her rabbit doing in the chair?

Jeannie looked at Johnnie. He wasn't looking at the rabbit. Jeannie punched his arm and pointed at the rabbit. Johnnie looked right at the chair. He didn't seem to see anything.

Jeannie said, "Mom! Mom! There's a rabbit in the chair beside you!" Jeannie's mother looked at the chair. Then she looked at Jeannie.

"Don't be silly, Jeannie," her mother said. "There are no rabbits in the chair."

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