Forever Endora

Agnes Moorehead

Reading Comprehension for December 6

Bewitched, the movie, came out in theaters in 2005. However, before Bewitched was a movie, Bewitched was a popular TV sitcom. It aired for eight seasons, from 1964 to 1972. Perhaps you have seen reruns of this show. One of the most colorful characters was the meddling mother witch, Endora, who couldn't seem to remember her "mere mortal" son-in-law's name. (It was Darrin.) She had bright blue eye shadow up to her brows, red hair, and flowing, billowy gowns. The character of Endora was played by American actress Agnes Moorehead.

The part of Endora came near the end of Agnes Moorehead's long career in radio, stage, film, and TV. Hers was a career that spanned 60 years! Though her greatest fame came from playing Endora, Moorehead also appeared in over 70 movies, beginning with 1941's Citizen Kane. She was also the voice of the stuttering goose in the 1973 animated film, Charlotte's Web, which you may have seen and enjoyed.

Moorehead was the only child of a Presbyterian minister. She was born on December, 6, 1900, in Massachusetts. While she was still young, her parents moved to Missouri. Her first professional job came at age 11 in the ballet with the St. Louis Municipal Opera. She performed with the Opera for four years. As a teenager, Moorehead also sang regularly on local radio stations.

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