Freezing Vegetables

It was the perfect summer this year. There was just the right amount of rain, and it never got too hot or too cold. By the end of August, there were more vegetables in your garden than you could ever eat. You decided to freeze some of the extras to use during winter.

Freezing vegetables is easy to do. If you have a big enough freezer, you can save enough until the next summer. Freezing saves more of the nutrients and helps keep fresh flavor in the food.

When you go out to your garden to pick vegetables, choose the younger ones. Older vegetables can be hard and flavorless. When you bring the food inside, wash the vegetables in cold water. This will get rid of any dirt that is on them.

After you pick the vegetables, you will need to freeze them as soon as you can -within two or three hours is the best. If you can't freeze them right away, put them in the refrigerator. Don't wait more than a day or two before freezing.

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