Friendly Chat

"I hate the idea of starting a new school," Natalie typed into the chat window she was sharing with her friend Bailey. Natalie and her family had moved 500 miles away from the school and friends that Natalie had been with for years. Tomorrow she would start at a larger, brand new middle school -- in the middle of the year -- knowing no one. She was not happy.

Bailey typed back. "I wish you were still here."

"Me, too," Natalie typed, adding a sad face.

"At least you are friendly," Bailey continued. "I bet you will make new friends quickly."

"I hope so."

"Just make sure to say 'hi' to someone the first day."

"That will be hard."

"It's better than saying nothing. These kids probably won't come up to you, so you will have to be friendly."

"What do I say?" Natalie asked.

"Ask someone a question, like how to find something at the school," Bailey suggested. "That's how we became acquainted."

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