Fritter Frenzy

National Fritters Day

Reading Comprehension for December 2

Fritters are fun. My scout leader got me hooked on cherry fritters when I was in elementary school. I was assigned to the cooking crew on a camping trip. We made breakfast by cutting canned biscuits into quarters, flattening each quarter out, placing a cherry from a can of pie filling in the center of the dough, and wrapping the dough around the cherry. After sealing the edges firmly, we deep-fried them. When the fritters were golden brown, we took them out of the oil and drained them on paper towels. Last of all, we dusted them with powdered sugar. What a delicacy! I fell in love with fritters.

Once I learned how to make cherry fritters, I searched for new ways to make fritters. I made blueberry fritters with blueberry pie filling and peach fritters with chunks of fresh peaches. I looked through a few cookbooks to get more ideas. Fritters were more versatile than I had realized!

Fruit fritters are great for breakfast or dessert, but they aren't the only fritter being created and consumed. Fritters can also be made with vegetables, meat, or cheese. Wouldn't that make an interesting side dish?

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