Fun Holiday: Come and Take It Day!

Melissa walked up to her friend Mark's garage. She took a sip of her root beer while leaning up against the wall near where Mark was sorting and boxing items.

"What are you doing with all that stuff?" Melissa asked.

"I'm getting ready for Come and Take It Day," Mark explained.

"What is Come and Take It Day?" Melissa asked.

"It's like a yard sale, but we are giving things away for free."

A puzzled look came over Melissa's face. "Why would you do that?"

Mark stopped packing a box and sat down. Melissa sat down next to him.

"We have so much stuff in our house," Mark explained. "I spend so much time keeping it organized, cleaned, and dusted."

"I understand that," Melissa said. "We have a lot of stuff at our house, too. It takes a lot of time."

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