Garon's Garage Sale

One Saturday morning, Garon began to clean his room. He put some of the toys he had outgrown in a box. He thought about the things in his room he no longer used. He decided to put clothes that were too small for him in a box, too. Garon looked under his bed. He saw some old games he hadn't played for a long time. He put the games in another box. His mother noticed him heading towards the garage with his boxes.

"Where are you going with those boxes?" asked his mother. Garon said he was cleaning out his room and no longer needed these things.

"The garage is already full of boxes. I can't park my car in the garage anymore," she complained.

"Why not have a garage sale?" suggested Garon. "Then we could get rid of the boxes of stuff and make some money, too."

"That's a great idea, Garon," said his mother, "but there are a lot of boxes out there. It would take an entire weekend to sort through everything. It would also take some time to make signs and set up tables. I don't have the time to put on a garage sale."

"Do you think I could do it?" asked Garon. "It might take me a while, but I could try."

"Let's ask Dad," she said.

Garon's dad thought having a garage sale would be a great experience for Garon. He said he might have a few items that could go in the garage sale, too.

"If you can pull this off, you can keep whatever money you make, Garon. We will only help you if you aren't sure whether something should be sold," said his dad.

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